How North Korea became the only state with no Covid 19 cases?

The Covid 19 Pandemic hit the entire world last year, and more than 200 countries remain affected till date. But North Korea, one of the most isolated places in the world, reported no covid 19 cases. According to the state controlled media, the Kim administration took aggressive measures towards the containment of the virus, immediately shutting down its borders since the first reported case in Wuhan, China. While there is some truth, that North Korea did act aggressively towards containing the virus, while other countries were struggling to shut off their borders citing concerns over an economic decline. But the governments claim of "No covid cases" in the country has raised suspicion among International Health Experts.

While many developed countries took time to act, so as to control the widescale hysteria among the general public. The authoritarian government of North Korea had no issues acting aggressively against the spread of the virus inside its borders. It was due to these aggressive measures that the WHO (World Health Organization) acclaimed that North Korea had zero Covid 19 cases in the year 2020. Read the full story....




Informative content with logical reasoning!

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Just Logically Speaking

Just Logically Speaking

Informative content with logical reasoning!

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