What the World needs to learn from Modern Journey?

On 30th April, 1945 Adolf Hitler committed suicide and the following week German forces surrendered to the allied and soviet forces, marking the end of the Nazi regime in Germany. Around 6.9 to 7.5 million Germans were killed, most of them being civilians. Heavy bombings had left the cities destroyed, infrastructures decimated and various industries in a spot of bother. The allied forces and the soviet force had now divided the country into two : the West and the East front. The economic turmoil was for real, as the country had to now deal with millions and millions of German refugees. And then there was the moral humiliation for the general public, the War had brought in. Fast forward to 76 years, and now the "Modern Germany" is one of the most respected and trusted partners in global alliances like "NATO" and "EU". It now holds the fourth largest economy in the World and is a pioneer in Automotive Technology.

Post World-War II (The Reconstruction Era)

After Germany’s defeat, the four principal allies the US, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union gained the control of the state. The allied forces of the U.S, Great Britain and France ruled over the majority of the state calling their part as West Germany. And a much smaller region was governed solely by the Soviet Union, named the East Germany. During this period, the U.S. Office of Military Government stationed in Germany, conducted several surveys among the general public, asking them about their thoughts and views of the recent events. The results were quite shocking, as a substantial majority of people believed that the German population as a whole should bear some guilt or blame for the atrocities of the Nazi administration. Read the full story




Informative content with logical reasoning!

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Just Logically Speaking

Just Logically Speaking

Informative content with logical reasoning!

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